Hello. I'm 20 and i like video games, books, music, and really sweet people. I'm extremely gullible and have a hard time understanding sarcasm. write away ^^
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ooh a friendship bracelet!!! oh my it’s silver, you really shouldn’t have. wait uh it’s a little tight 
"you’re under arrest sir"

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mom: what do u want 4 birthdy??
me: video gaem
mom: no vid game, child.
me: money
mom: 4 what
me: for video gm ae
mom: outsmarted agen
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Sound logic.
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they call me swaglord nito
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I feel like I’m at a point in my life where I know I need to advance the main quest, but instead I faff about doing side quests because the main quest is intimidating and I don’t feel like I’ve leveled up enough to be able to handle it.

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Epic photo
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